GEORGIA- The Vermont State Police has been monitoring traffic near mile markers 109 and 105 in Georgia on a regular basis for months now, but that hasn’t seemed to change the behavior of many motorists. 

Last week, two Chittenden County men were flash cited into court on reckless endangerment charges for driving well over the 65 miles per hour speed limit in the area.

According to police, Shane Langevin, 22, of Winooski as well as Francois Letourneau, 52, of South Burlington were both picked up and charged with the misdemeanors after they sped past waiting troopers on Wednesday.

Langevin was picked up around 6:30, about four hours after Letourneau.

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The Mighty OakLangevin was reported to be traveling at 105 miles per hour when the trooper used a radar gun to clock his speed near mile marker 109. He was later pulled over at the Georgia rest area.

Letourneau was clocked at 96 miles per hour near mile marker 105, according to police.

Both locations are areas that favor speeders, they don’t have u-turn areas for law enforcement to wait, but are at the end of long straight stretched of highway.

Bothe men are being charged with Careless and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle and are due in court on January 9th.