Josie Spears appears in criminal court in St. Albans with her defense attorney Jessica Burke at her arraignment in February.

HIGHGATE: Josie Spears, the 33-year-old woman accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a Highgate Elementary school student was back in court on Monday after police say she violated her conditions of release.

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Spears was released after her arrest on Sunday evening after posting $1,000 bail.

Spears, a former paraeducator at Highgate Elementary School, was accused in February of sending nude photos to a nine-year-old boy in one of her classes. Court files indicate tpolice discovered more than 100 pages of conversations between the two that describe sexual contact, including “touching her breasts.”

The allegations of the violation of conditions are Spears drove past the alleged victim’s home as well as going to a gas station less than 300 feet from the victim’s home.

According to the allegations, when Spears drove past the victim’s residence, she waved to the victim who was outside at the time.

Judge Rainville released the Highgate woman on a $5,000 appearance bond in February, which meant Spears would not have to put up the $5,000 at the time of her arrest, but she would owe the court that money if she didn’t hold up her end of the conditions of release.

Rainville released Spears Monday afternoon on the $1,000 bail that was posted the night before, as well as additional conditions including that she does not go on the road that the victim’s house is on.