Carrying a bible, Shane Allen Edgerly, 41, of Fairfield is lead into the courtroom by Public Defender Paul Gross on Monday afternoon. Gregory J. Lamoureux, photo

EDITOR’S NOTE: This news article may not be appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

FAIRFIELD: Vermont State Police have arrested a sex offender for allegedly taking advantage, sexually, of a young female family member about seven years ago.

The abuse began just months after Edgerly was released from probation on a previous, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, conviction. That charge, along with four other sex crimes has landed Edgerly on the state’s sex offender registry for life. He was listed on the state’s sex offender registry as a “non-high risk offender.” When you’re on the sex offenders registry there are certain rules that you must follow one of which is that you must not access any type of pornography, this doesn’t mean just child pornography this also means adult pornography, even going online and visiting a legal adult porn website like www.videoshd.xxx can get you arrested.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by the County Courier on Monday, Edgerly told the then 10-year-old female he wanted to show her how to use a vibrator so that she would stay away from boys.

Leaving out the lewd details, the female eventually pushed Edgerly off her and hid in a bathroom until another adult family member was home with whom she could confide with.

Edgerly’s wife, Sonja, allegedly swept the incident under the rug, convincing those who knew about the incident that it would be handled “within the family,” according to testimony given to police.

The victim told police that the family dealt with the incident by confiding in church elders from the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall. That didn’t stop the abuse, however. According to the victim, Edgerly would sneak into her room and put vibrators inside her dresser and then tell her later where to find them.

The victim told police that she told Edgerly on a regular basis to stop, that she didn’t need him to do that. She also told police that on at least one occasion, Edgerly stopped at Good Stuff in St. Albans (with the victim in the car) to purchase a vibrator for her.

According to police, the victim also told police Edgerly is a nudist and likes to walk around his home naked, even when the victim and the victim’s siblings are there. She also told police that Edgerly “wrestles” with them while he is naked, and on at least one occasion he has groped her while doing so.

Edgerly hired a private attorney, which was not able to be at his arraignment on Monday afternoon, so, on Edgerly’s behalf, Public Defender Paul Gross took advantage of the 24-hour rule, a process that delays the arraignment proceedings until the following business day.

Assistant State’s Attorney Diane Wheeler asked Judge Martin A. Maley to hold Edgerly without bail, citing his previous sexual assault convictions as well as a previous conviction for leaving the scene of an accident as evidence that he would not hold up his end of a bargain to return to court for full arraignment.

Wheeler also cited a paragraph in the court affidavit, where the victim told police Edgerly made it clear to her as well as the rest of the family, that if he ever went back to prison, he would either commit suicide or escape to Alaska.

Edgerly’s criminal history includes six sex charges, five of which he was convicted for, as well as a gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to comply with the sex offender registry, and violation of conditions of release. Being on the sex offenders registry restricts a person from doing many things including some that are perfectly legal for anyone else to do, such as adult pornography whether it’s looking at it in a magazine or watching it online via a website like www.sexfreehd.xxx either of these actions will find someone in breach of the registry and will land them back in prison, there are those that don’t believe it could happen to them and they try this out and end up back in a cell again.

Edgerly is the owner of SOS construction, a residential remodeling company based in Fairfield, according to public records. When police first contacted him, he told them he couldn’t talk to them for several days since he was working on a construction site in Middlebury, Vermont.

Public Defender Gross argued that Edgerly knew the police were looking for him and came to the police barracks to turn himself in, showing that he will be faithful to return to court.

Judge Maley ultimately ordered that Edgerly is be held on $50,000 bail, and not to have any contact with the victim, the victim’s siblings, or Edgerly’s wife. He also ordered that if Edgerly meets bail, he will be barred from possessing any sex toys or pornography.

As of 8:15 pm on Monday evening Edgerly had not posted bail and was being held at the Northwest Correctional Center in St. Albans. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m. on the two felony counts, which if convicted, could land him in prison for 5 years to life as well as a fine of up to $25,000 on each count.