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St. Albans Police investigated an incident last Saturday in which a Milton man was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and holding her in his vehicle without her consent.

According to court filings, Joshua Billado, 25, of Milton was driving with his ex-girlfriend in his 2013 Dodge Dart when they began arguing. 

The woman tried to exit the moving vehicle, but Billado stopped her, escalating the fight even more. The incident progressed and at one point the woman punched the center console of the vehicle, breaking a display for the radio, according to testimony given to police.

The woman told police that Billado choked her, and stopped her breathing for at least five seconds during the fight.

Billado left marks on the woman’s neck and shoulder area, insinuating that her allegations of Billado choking her could be true. 

The man, who listed his employer as the Boys & Girls Club of Burlington, was arrested and held on $10,000 bail, which he posted later Sunday afternoon.

Billado was arraigned Monday afternoon, where he was charged with aggravated domestic assault as well as unlawful restraint in the first degree. Both charges are felonies and could land the man in prison for up to 30 years and fines totaling $75,000.