By Gregory J. Lamoureux
County Courier

GEORGIA: The Franklin County Sheriff Office needs your help finding a suspect in a burglary in Georgia yesterday, less than 24 hours after he was arrested and released by Vermont State Police.

The incident happened just after 5pm at a home on Mill River Road. Nobody was at the home when the burglary took place.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Miles Lawler was seen on a Ring doorbell moments before he burglarized the Mill River Road home.

The Sheriff’s Department says he stole two young, 5 1/2 week old Pitbull Puppies during the burglary.

Lawler was arrested the previous day, Monday, after he was reported to be the assailant in an incident near Toure 7 in the town of Georgia.

According to Trooper Nicholas Olsen of the Vermont State Police, the alleged victim, in that case, reported that Lawler had left the scene, driving north on Route 7.

Miles Lawler appears in a mugshot less than 24 hours before police believe he was involved in a burglary in Georgia.

He was later located at Mobil North in St. Albans, intoxicated- a violation of conditions of release in an unrelated case.

The Trooper issued him a citation to appear in Criminal Court in Franklin County on Tuesday to answer to the charge of violating conditions of release. It is unclear if he was released on additional conditions or if he failed to show up to court.

A man called the County Courier about an hour after this story was first published online, identifying himself as Lawler, making threats in an attempt to get this news story removed.

The man claimed he had already talked to police, who told him the story would be removed, but when asked the name of the Deputy he spoke with, he became very belligerent and hung up the phone.

After calling the number back, a woman who would only identify herself as Sasha refused to say where Lawler was but said she had just dropped him off at a store after he asked to use her phone.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department at 524-2121.

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