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Vermont State Police arrested Logan Pratt, 30, of St. Albans and charged him with three felony counts of forgery after his grandmother contacted police suspecting him of stealing checks from her home.

When police contacted the elderly woman, she told them that she suspected he stole 8-10 checks from her while he was staying with her at her Georgia home.

The investigation led police to discover 15 checks, ranging from $60 to $200, written to himself or two other family members- Julie and Jacob Pratt.

Police obtained video footage from the bank where the checks were cashed, linking them to Logan Pratt.

In all, the 15 checks totaled $1,690, which was credited back to the grandmother’s account by the bank, according to police.

Pratt, who was out of jail on parole was held on a furlough violation after his arraignment on Monday. It is unclear if Julie or Jacob Pratt will face criminal charges for their involvement in the check fraud.

Pratt has previously been convicted of burglary, grand larceny, and possession of narcotics. The sentences for those convictions max out in March of 2020.

Each felony count of forgery could land Pratt in jail for up to 10 years and a fine of up to $1,000.