Lisa Lavallee appears with her public defender in Franklin County District Court in St. Albans recently.

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ST. ALBANS: Lisa Lavallee, 47, of Enosburgh was arrested recently for failing to comply with the State’s sex offender registry.

If what police say is true, Lavallee did not keep her address up to date with the registry, which is a violation of the State’s law.

According to court records, officers were combing the county, checking in with sex offenders to make sure they were holding up their end of the bargain this spring when they came upon Lavallee’s name.

When police responded to the address on file for Lavallee, they found an empty lot without any home on it. Double-checking with the registry, police learned that Lavallee had not updated her address recently. In fact, according to police, she was out of compliance with the registry a year ago, too.

In May, police were still unable to locate Lavallee; they asked for an arrest warrant for her once they did.

Lavallee was convicted in Franklin County Court in 2010 for Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a child, according to police, leading her to be required to file for the rest of her life with the registry.

Lavallee told the County Courier that police were mistaken, noting her plea agreement with the court allows her to be removed from the sex offender registry in the fall.

Police recently located her at her home on West Enosburg Road in Enosburgh, issuing her a citation to appear in Criminal Court to answer to the charge of failing to comply with the sex offender registry.