Hannah Bockus, left, and Tyler Bushey in their mug shots released by SAPD on Monday morning.

St. Albans Police were working with Tyler Bushey last week in an attempt to identify the perpetrator who tried to kill him by stabbing him at the LaQuinta in St. Albans Town, but not that same man is being charged by police with Attempted Assault and Robbery.

According to St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor, Tyler Bushey, 18, of Highgate and his girlfriend Hannah Bockus, 21, of Highgate were cited into court for attempted Assault and Robbery after an incident on Friday morning, just before 6am.

Police responded to Russell Street in the City of St. Albans at 5:45 Friday morning, according to Taylor. When they arrived, they learned that Bushey had exited his black Audi A4, driven by Bockus, according to police.

Bushey is then accused of assaulting an unnamed person, with a motive for getting back at him for his stabbing.

Bushey was the victim in the stabbing that was reported at the La Quinta in St. Albans, while Bockus was the witness, according to police.


“Witnesses reported that Bushey and Bockus made threats during the robbery to physically harm the victim when he healed from the stabbing because he knows that the victim set him up,” Taylor wrote in a press release on Monday morning.

During the course of this incident, police say Bushey demanded money from the victim.

At least two witnesses told police that Bockus brandished a firearm from the vehicle, preventing others from intervening in the assault.

Early the next morning, police saw that black Audi driving in St. Albans, so they stopped the driver, ultimately arresting Bushey and Bockus.

The pair is due in court today for felony charges. They were released at the conclusion of their arrest, early Saturday morning, with conditions of release.

St. Albans City Police are continuing to search for Harrison Ogbunize, 33, of Springfield, Mass. in connection with last week’s stabbing incident.

The County Courier will keep you up to date with more information as it becomes available.