FRANKLIN COUNTY: Farmers will be receiving their October milk checks this week, and they can expect a slight increase in the price paid compared to last month’s rate.

According to the USDA, which sets the price of milk in the United States, October’s uniform statistical price increased to $17.07, per hundredweight. It’s an increase of 27¢ from the September price of $16.80.

The price also varies depending upon market. The Northeast Market relies on the Boston Market as the overall statistical uniform price location, but locally, the price in St. Albans comes in at $16.22 per hundred pounds. That’s an increase from $15.95 in St. Albans in September.

The increase only amounts to 1.61%, and although many farmers are still producing milk at a loss, or close to a loss, it can drastically impact the bottom line for farmers.

By law, producers are required to be paid their milk checks no later than November 18th.

The actual price paid to farmers for their milk is affected by many variables, including the fat content, amount of solids, the distance the milk has to be trucks, and the protein content of the milk.