George A. Spear

Grand Isle, Vermont: George, another member of Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation, has slipped away.  Feisty to the end, George found peace on January 2, 2017, after more than 100 years of living life to the fullest on his terms.  Business man, patriot, husband, father, uncle, grand and great-grand parent and, of course, curmudgeon, George will join his beloved wife, Elinor; stepson, Jack Shivery; father, Harold A. Spear; mother, Sarah Savage Spear; stepmother, Sarah O’Connor Spear; brothers, Kenneth and Leo; and sisters, Genevieve, Ruth and Helen, and everyone whom he loved, including his beloved Labradors who have patiently waited for him at Rainbow Bridge to cross into the Kingdom of Heaven together. Continue reading “George A. Spear”


ST. ALBANS: A Fairfield woman is facing a DUI charge after she called 911 on Christmas day to report a family dispute.

According to Trooper Skelly, 42-year-old Kimberly Duffel called 911 at around 6pm to report a family fight. She told the operator that she was leaving the scene of the fight.

Police later located Duffel on 104 in St. Albans while driving her vehicle.

A breath test indicated that Duffel was driving with an elevated level of alcohol in her system, 0.152%, according to police.

Duffel is due in court on February 27th to answer to the charge of DUI.