ENOSBURG: A pair of back-to-back of dunks by Malik Franklin to start the game for the Hornets helped pump up the crowd and give Enosburg the edge early Monday.

Calvin Carter would follow up the dunks with one of his own just minutes later.

“Coach loves it- pumps the team up,” Franklin said about the dunks.

Franklin set up Carter for an alley-oop in the fourth quarter to top off the show.

Carter lead the Hornets with 21 points, and Franklin just behind putting up 18 for the night.

“Everyone played defense well, played as a team,” Carter said after the game.

The Hornets held Missisquoi’s stars to low scoring numbers.

Nick Cutting had 13 points for the Thunderbirds with teammate Richard Walker backing him up with seven.

“We knew it was going to be tough to come up here and play these guys at their house,” Missisquoi Coach Jim Bose said.

“We just don’t have anybody that can match up with Calvin, and Malik played well,” Bose said, “but we have to rely more on our bench. Some of our starters have to become more offensive. I can’t rely just onĀ Richard and Nick to do our scoring. We got two of our guys scoring, we’re not going to be a successful basketball team.”

The strong hornet defense held Missisquoi to just four points in the third quarter, while bolstering their own score by 15.

“We had 15 steals, that often leads to wins,” Enosburg Coach Matt Luneau said, “look at the bench… 7 steals from the bench. That’s just great contributions from the bench. That allows us to stay in the zone.”

“Calvin and Matt did not shoot well, but yet we won by 29,” Luneau said “But why? BecauseĀ of defense and good teamwork.”

“You can’t ask for much more, when you are winning because of teamwork and effort,” Luneau said.

The Hornets improve to 4-0 for the season. Missisquoi falls to 1-2.