Property Transfers, Week of August 14th

Bakersfield Joy A. Barber Revocable Trust transferred property at 699 Kings Hill Road to Joy Barber, $n/a. Joy Barber transferred property at 699 Kings Hill (more…)

Property Transfers, Week of August 7th

Alburgh Jeannie & John Panner transferred property at 2708 Alburgh Springs Road to Kelly & Michael Medor, $360,000. Kathleen Butler & Ian Kaplan transferred property (more…)

Property Transfers, Week of July 31st

Berkshire Ellen Lussier transferred property at 410 Berry Road to Donna Gordon & Charles Miller, $550,000. Ritche Ryea transferred property at 1030 Pleasant View Road to (more…)


Cambridge & Jeffersonville Daniel Robertson transferred property at 4323 VT Route 108, Jeffersonville to Michael Day, Janet Robertson & Day Family Trust, $250. Anthony Pulcastro (more…)


Alburgh Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity transferred property at 269 South Main Street to Nicole & Ryan Latimer, $160,000. Bakersfield Holden T. Doane Family Trust (more…)


Alburgh JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association transferred property at 13 North Main Street to Philip Knight, $39,005. Cambridge & Jeffersonville Jennifer McCarthy, Joseph & (more…)