Justin Ede

On April 5th, the Ede family was informed that Justin Ede died. You may or may not have known that Justin was an addict. He lived the life of an addict and he died an addict. 1 in 10 families in America has a member who is an addict. Addiction causes heartache and it causes chaos. Our family was no stranger to the path of destruction that addiction leaves behind it.

Because addiction takes up so much space in an individual’s life, it is often hard to figure out what person they are or were. We would like to remember Justin for more than his addiction.

Before he was an addict: Just was a brother, a son, a grandson, an uncle, and most importantly, a person. Justin loved people, and people loved him. His personality was big. Justin was a friend to everyone that needed one. Despite status, despite race, despite abilities or reason, he was your friend to a fault.

Justin had all the qualities that would have pushed him into a life of success, a life of love, and growth. Unfortunately, not all lives can be successful. I imagine a successful life for him would have been the ability to wake up in a house, with a family of his own, drink a cup of instant coffee and reflect on the life he used to have. Reflect on the addiction that he was able to overcome and look forward to a new day. Not all lives turn out the way we imagine, or hope. Not all lives can have the fairytale ending that we dream for ourselves and others.

Justin is survived by his parents, Patricia and Chandler; his brother Aaron and his wife Kasey, their children Gianna and Jessup, his brother Andrew and his wife Alaina and their children Jude and Margot; as well as multiple family members and friends who endlessly supported him.

It is my hope that telling you of Justin’s death will bring the affliction of addiction out of the darkness and erase the stigma that so many families live with. If you knew Justin, I hope that you remember him for more than his addiction. He was a person that was so much more than what he succumbed to.

If you would like to come to celebrate the Justin you knew, there will be a celebration of life on June 4th from 11-2 at the Ede residence.

If you would like to support our family, please make a donation in Justin Ede’s name to Turning Point, Martha’s Kitchen, or Jenna’s Promise.