Pamela Gratton, the mother Ethan Gratton, the alleged shooter who killed one man and severely injured a second on New Year’s Day in Georgia took the stand last week as defense attorneys attempted to convince Judge Gregory Rainville to release Ethan Gratton until a trial can be held.

Pamela Gratton was the second known person to stumble upon the deadly scene in the road and at the end of her driveway.

Pamela said that she was the one who disarmed her son in an attempt to protect her son from incoming police.

“My fear was that the troopers would come and shoot Ethan,” Pamela said.

Pamela also testified that her son looked as though he had been crying when he came outside of the home after the shooting.

According to her testimony, Pamela gave him Kleenex for his bloody nose and sat him in the back seat of her SUV until police arrived.

We’re making her entire testimony available online to those who are interested in watching it.

Pamela Gratton also said that she alerted police to the presence of blood inside of the Gratton’s home, even telling one officer that he was stepping on a blood droplet when he came to speak with Pamela and her husband.

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