Darren Haynes appears in Criminal Court with public defender Rosie Chase on Tuesday to answer to multiple charges related to having an inappropriate relationship with a former student. Gregory J. Lamoureux photo

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story may not be suitable for all audiences

Police arrested former MVU teacher Darren Haynes on Friday for Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a child under 16 as well as Sexual Exploitation of a child by electronic luring. He denied both charges today in Criminal Court.

In the affidavit filed by police, the alleged victim in the case told investigators that Haynes touched him in the classroom in intimate ways, including rubbing her shoulders, rubbing her leg and once touching her buttocks.

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According to the victim, the pair also communicated through social media, transmitting messages that were explicit in nature.

At one point the 15-year-old victim told police that she had “a little bit” of a crush on Haynes and that he told her that if she was older he would pursue a relationship with her.

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The alleged actions and communications happened between March and July of 2016, according to court documents.

Police talked with a co-worker of Haynes who told police that she had confronted the accused about “borderline on harassing (the victim)” adding that during several different phone calls between Haynes and the co-worker, Haynes referred to the girl as “hot.”

Haynes is no longer a teacher at MVU, he was let go due to “poor performance,” according to court records.

The principal at MVU told police that Haynes had been caught kissing a student that was older and of age at some point during the 2016 school year, although the student denied that accusation when police talked with her.

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The second student told police that she would spend a lot of time with Haynes in his classroom, even though she did not have any classes with him.

Police were granted a warrant by the court to monitor a conversation in Facebook Messenger between the victim and Haynes. In that conversation, the victim told Haynes that she was “feeling hot for (Haynes), I thought you felt the same way.”

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Haynes replied “I did. And it scared me too.”

The conversation became sexually explicit at this point.

Later on in the conversation, Haynes told the victim that he wished she was 21.

She asked why, noting that she was going to be turning 16 soon. Haynes replied “As long as you are in school, we can’t do anything. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. I could lose my teaching license. 21 just happens to be a number I am comfortable with.”

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The conversation went on in explicit ways, including the accused telling the victim that he wanted to have oral sex with her, as the conversation continued.

Police interviewed Haynes at the BFA-Fairfax school the next day, where he works as a part-time substitute teacher.

Haynes told the investigator that he did talk with the alleged victim several times outside of school and at times the conversation “crossed the line” but could not remember the specifics of the conversations.

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In a letter to the victim which police encouraged Haynes to write, he said, “I knew that the conversations between us were inappropriate, and again, I’m sorry for that.”

Haynes was held at the Northwestern Correctional Center on $15,000 bail until his arraignment on Tuesday. Judge Mary Morriessey released the educator on conditions including that he not have contact or be within 300 feet of the two females named in the affidavit as well as their immediate family members.

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He must also not be in the presence of females under the age of 18, or go to places where those females frequent, including playgrounds, arcades, school grounds or school related functions. The court did put in an exception for work purposes and incidental contact in public places.

Haynes also agreed not to access social media, except for work purposes at his job through the Inn at Essex, but still, may not have contact through social media with females under 18.

This is the second arrest of a Northwest Supervisory Union employee, in the past three months, for sex charges involving students at school.

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