SWANTON: Leo Cushing, a one-month-old, was killed by 28-year-old Stephanie Gero of Swanton, on August 1st, according to Vermont State Police Detective Dan Burrows after police took Gero and Matthew Cushing, 36, into custody on Wednesday afternoon following a four-month investigation into the death of the infant.

According to the detective, police were notified of the death of the infant at about 5 am on August 1st, inside the family’s home in Swanton.

The Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington ruled the manner of death a homicide, caused by a subdural hemorrhage to the brain, according to a police statement.

Detective Burrows said the baby sustained injuries inflicted by the mother just prior to his death. Additionally, Gero had been ordered not to be alone with the baby, according to police, a fact that the detective said Cushing knew at the time of the baby’s death.

According to police, Cushing left the infant unsupervised with Gero while he went to take a shower.

Police say that the investigation was conducted by the Northwest Unit for Special Investigations, as well as help from the Vermont Department of Children and Families.

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After reviewing the case, police say the Franklin County District Attorney’s office decided to prosecute the case.

Gero is being charged with first degree domestic assault, as well as cruelty to a child with death resulting. As for Cushing, he is being charged with cruelty to a child with death resulting.

Gero is being held at Chittenden County Correctional Center on $25,000 bail, pending her arraignment Thursday morning. Cushing was released on a citation to appear in criminal court on December 22nd to answer to the charge.